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Who We Are

We are software company based in Saskatoon, SK. Here at emPowerTools we concentrate on developing applications for businesses throughout Saskatchewan. Personal service with face-to-face communication is important when developing sophisticated software, and that's why we focus on local industry. If you have a potential product that you would like to work with us on please contact us to discuss further how we can empower your business.


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  • Farm Management Software
  • Lab/Customer Operation Management Systems
  • Web Analytics
  • Winter Wheat Survival Model
  • SimPLE.ca
  • Seed Management System


This software is a desktop application designed for Western Ag Labs. The PRS Nutrient Forecaster™ is used by consultants to help farmers manage their farm. The Forecaster accurately predicts yield based on given inputs such as rain fall and available soil nutrient supplies. Consultants can use the application to perform complex calculations to optimize fertilizers and maximize profits.

The PRS Nutrient Forecaster™ 3D is a farm wide extension of its predecessor that provides both field level and farm wide views of the following: nutrient requirement simulation, real time economics, and fertilizer management logistical tools.

With the PRS Nutrient Forecaster™ farmers are able to increase profits and minimize inputs.

Web Apps

We develop operation management systems that provide real time and easy access to data that is crucial for many businesses. With our custom built Web-Applications users are able to get up to date information throughout the world with ease.

Customer and lab management software allows our clients to quickly develop, update, sort, and view data with high integrity, by providing an application that interacts directly with databases performing complex queries with only one click. The lab software sends data without hassle, while the customer software prints invoices within seconds.


The LVT is a web based application that enables users to track visitors to their web site and view each visitor's unique path. The application also performs aggregate statistics and allows the user to develop, send, and track e-mail campaigns.

The application focuses on allowing business to understand who is visiting their website. The LVT does not just tell you how many people visit your website, but it also focuses on helping you understand who those visitors are (potential customers, competitors, etc) with automatic profiling of every visitor.

For more information please visit the LVT website.


The Winter Cereal Survival Model was developed for D.B. Fowler at the University of Saskatchewan. The Winter Cereal Survival Model (WCSM) is an online application that assists in the prediction of winter kill of fall seeded crops in Western Canada. Temperature data from a variety of areas are logged by temperature probes (some of which were designed and created by emPowerTools) and uploaded to the on-line application. Once data has been uploaded the model can predict whether or not a specific crop will survive the winter based on its winter hardiness.

The information that comes from the WCSM allows farmers to make educated decisions about spring seeding.

The Winter Cereal Survival Model can be viewed here.

The SimPLE.ca (Simulator of Productivity Loss due to Erosion for Canada) project was commissioned by the Government of Canada Agri-Environment Services Branch in order to model the effect of agricultural land use practices on soil content and erosion. Here at emPowerTools we had to translated the scientific model into computer code as well as developed the interface for running the model. Producing an efficient and accurate representation of the scientific model found in this paper required close work with both the Scientist who developed it and the end users who would need to link their databases with the software and view output in a way that assisted in meaningful interpretation of results.

This custom management software allows for users to track and manage a seed distribution network. This online application allows seed growers to track seeds' life-cycle from planting, to harvesting, to cleaning, to selling. The management software keeps track of where seed is, at what time and how much of it there is. The Seed Management Software also develops invoices and keeps track of payments.

Used as an accounting program for seed, the Seed Management Software developed by EmPowerTools gives seed growers the ability to effectively and efficiently manage their seed selling business.

Client List

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